Let me Lime

Lime is for those that think Cannabis is best shared, in the sun, while having fun. We LIVE this tenant. Lime is changing the name of the game by offering Cali's best buds at the most affordable prices.

Let me Lime Blunts

What's your flavor?

Find your perfect high. It's Lime Time!



A little goes a long way! Enjoy a full gram of high quality flower including the very best strains.


While you’re busy hustling, we’re busy pre-rolling Cali’s best for you! Chill, and enjoy a Lime pre-roll.


Lime’s Two-Gram Blunts are carefully crafted. Each one is hand-rolled for perfection.

Looking for something special to bring to the party?

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  • #Hybrid before dinner or #Indica before bed, or both ? πŸ€ͺ What time of the day do you prefer to smoke ? Comment below ! #letmelime⁣ πŸ’¨ ⁣
#weedstagram #wfayo #california #cannabis #cannabisculture #lifestyle #recreational
  • 😌who said you have to wait until Friday to have fun? πŸ’šπŸ’¨#itslimetime
  • High!! We are suuuper excited to announce that Lime is now available at MedMen of Long Beach! @shopmedmen πŸ’šπŸ’› Tag two friend who need Lime and maybe we’ll slide in your DM’s πŸ˜›πŸ‘€ #itslimetime
  • Trifecta ✨ When all options are covered.. #Letmelime ⁣
#california #cannabis #weedstagram #high
  • Summer never ends at Team Lime. 🌞 #letmelime
  • We joined the crowd at the most recent #blunttalks hosted at the #weedmuseum by #weedmaps. As usual, an incredible panel put together by @sambaba and the team at @blunttalks.ca
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