These Are the Best Cannabis Dispensaries Available in Long Beach

We all know that, when you feel the need for a good high, so to say, you don’t have any time to waste. After all, you don’t want your need to go away and then feel like wasting a roll – nobody wants that!

As such, this implies being either fully prepared for a proper high or knowing where to go when you want one! In both of the mentioned scenarios, you need only one piece of information – namely, where the best cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach are.

To make it a lot easier for you and your buds to find such cannabis dispensaries, we’ve prepared the perfect list for you! What’s left for you to do is save the location of these dispensaries and you’re ready for the high.

The Circle

The Circle can be found on 1755 Ximeno Ave and – the best part – it is open all week long from nine in the morning up until roughly nine in the evening. Most customers have labeled this dispensary as budget-friendly but, most importantly, they said that they had the most welcoming experience ever when visiting for the first time!

This is probably because the dispensary is locally owned & operated. This means that the people there know exactly how to make the Long Beach residents – and not only – feel just like home!


MMD comes with that classic, neat look of a tobacco shop – but selling cannabis and everything else that makes you visit such a dispensary.

This one can be found on 1901 Atlantic Ave and, you guessed it, it’s open throughout the week, with no breaks at all – ready to supply you with the best cannabis in the area!

As for the thoughts of the customers, they praised the wide variety of products that you can find there – including concentrates, drinks, vape pens, edibles, and even CBD products.


If you’ve visited MedMen before, then you know they are fully focused on customer service. Most customers said that they have the best budtenders in MedMen and that you can ask anyone from the staff for recommendations if you can’t decide what products you should try!

For a MedMen experience, you can visit them at 2767 E Broadway – in Long Beach, obviously – throughout the week, from eleven to nine. Here you’ll find anything that contains THC and CBD – from gummies to edibles, flowers, vales, tinctures, and balms.


Euflora probably has one of the neatest looks among the cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach. You almost feel like you’re in an Apple Store the first time you enter – namely, everything it in, from the product displays to the main desk, is mesmerizing.

With both CBD and THC products available, Euflora will surely have what you’re looking for – no matter how hurried you are. You can explore their range of products throughout the week, from nine to nine, on 1147 E South Street.

Modern Buds

Located on 3730 E Broadway, Modern Buds is another one of the most welcoming dispensaries that you can find around here. The staff here is more than just chill and they always receive clients with the biggest smile on their faces!

The dispensary has an intuitive setup, with glass windows so you can see everything you want to buy. That’s just in case you want to browse a little before you ask the budtender some of your biggest questions about cannabis!

As expected, almost all the Long Beach cannabis dispensaries are opened throughout the week and have a schedule that can accommodate even the busiest corporate worker that needs to unwind after a long day of work!

Firehouse 365

Firehouse 365 comes with a schedule fit for any type of cannabis users – opened all day long from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. No matter when you want a roll, you can count on Firehouse 365!

Among the many great features of Firehouse 365, it is worth mentioning their attention to customer service – as they provide a wide range of cannabis products, both related to outdoor and indoor cultivation. They also provide the customers with some of the highest-quality cannabis products that are currently available on the market.

ABC Collective

ABC Collective stands out with the fact that the clients can send texts to the dispensary’s staff to make an order – and then simply pick it up and/or ask some questions while doing so. This is an amazing feature, especially if you know exactly what you want.

Located right by the beach, ABC Collective is the perfect place to visit if you want perfect customer service, as well as the top products on the market. Naturally, the high is more than just guaranteed when it comes to cannabis products.

With quite long working hours, this particular dispensary may soon become the main gathering spot for you and your friends – close to the beach, top quality products, ease of order; everything you want in a cannabis dispensary!

The Bottom Line

So, these are the best places where you can get your cannabis – be it THC or CBD. Even though most of the above come with both types of products, it goes without saying that all of them are mostly focused on the THC part – the high one.

In short, if you’re looking for a joint or a good roll, these are the best spots in Long Beach – not to mention that most of them are actually very close to the beach. Basically, you’re one walk away from being high on the beach!

All the mentioned dispensaries also come with proper customer care/service and with sales teams that are more than happy to help any customers, either new or even initiates in the cannabis field. As such, don’t be afraid to ask any questions because, as we said, they are the most welcoming cannabis dispensaries available in Long Beach!

You can pay them a visit, make an order, and see for yourself!

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